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On March 10, 2015 majority of Aurora Town Council voted against the controversial clear garbage bag program. RELATED LINKS: 0] News: ‘Clear bag program kicked to the curb‘, The Auroran, By Brock Weir, March 11, 2015 0] Letters to the Editor: ‘Clear Bags answer question nobody asked‘, The Auroran, By Barry Hall, March 11, 2015 0] News: ‘Clear Bag program could begin as early as June 5‘, The Auroran, By Brock Weir, March 4, 2015 0] BROCK’S BANTER: ‘Clarity Acts‘, The Auroran, By Brock Weir, March 04, 2015 0] Letters to the Editor: ‘Clear bags program is a make work Read more

On February 10, 2015 Aurora Town Council passed a motion in order to recognize a significant contribution to our Town of Aurora community the following names were added to the bank of approved street names for the Town of Aurora, Ontario: Steve Hinder, Don Constable, Ron Wallace, Frank Klees and Flo Murray.

On February 4, 2015 artists reception, Nancy Newman and Linda Welch, was held at the Aurora Skylight Gallery, Aurora Town Hall, featuring their travel work “On Location – Paintings and Photographs“. Their art has been inspired by the artists’ travels to Ireland, Norway, France, Mexico, South Africa, Cuba and India.

On January 30, 2015 Friday Senator Don Meredith visited Lester B. Pearson Public School to speak to the Grade 5 class about Canadian government and speak to Grade 7 & 8 about importance of citizenship, youth empowerment and role models like Lincoln Alexander. 1] Biography: ‘Senator Don Meredith (politician)‘, Wikipedia