Welcome to documentingAurora.ca (Town of Aurora, Ontario)


In general, let us explain what kind of projects we are planning to engage in.

Our first ongoing project is a self explanatory, fact and time-line project titled – On This Day In Aurora. Starting in 2013 we will keep a record of what has happened on each day in the Town of Aurora and hopefully there will be enough happenings to fill-in each day. Eventually we will go back in time and try to fill-in information from the past.

Photographic documenting is a valuable tool for before and after comparison to show changes in the landscapes. Therefore, we are planning to engage in photographing and documenting activities such as building restorations or conversions, building demolitions, and new developments. Sometimes, this will involve photographing a complete process from the beginning to the end of the project. Occasionally we will re-photograph heritage buildings and their architectural details. It is also in our plans to document all the changes occurring with time by photographing natural environments (trails, forestland, arboretum, boardwalks and conservation parks). One day these photographs will tell the story far more effectively than words alone. Journals will be kept to complement these photographic records.

In search of untold stories or records. A great story can only be appreciated once it is shared.  In some cases people do not have photographs but they do have their stories. Therefore, it is also in our plans to engage in conversations and dialogues with people in the community to collect information about the Town of Aurora and its past – the information that was never written.

Documenting local town events, celebrations, ceremonies, festivals, grand openings, political activities in our community will also be a big part of this project.

The opportunities to document Aurora are endless and with time as we establish ourselves, we will introduce more projects that will help document almost every aspect of our community in the Town of Aurora, Ontario.