Welcome to documentingAurora.ca (Town of Aurora, Ontario)

‘On This Day In Aurora’ Project

Our first ongoing project is a self explanatory, fact and time-line project titled – ‘On This Day In Aurora’. Starting from 2013 we will try to keep a record of what has happened on each day in the Town of Aurora, Ontario and hopefully there will be enough happenings to fill-in each day. Eventually we will go back in time and try to fill-in information from the past.

We don’t have access to everything in Aurora so if you would like to submit Aurora relevant date then email us or leave a comment here with the following information: date and brief description. In the description ensure to mention location, participant names, organization names, event title, etc. Facts are welcome and we do accept links. We do accept photos, ensure to provide author’s name as we will provide photo credit and link to the author’s web site if exists. Remember, it has to be Town of Aurora related.

In addition we will perform search and link this post to relevant places, like news releases.

This is just a beginning … let’s have some fun and Document Aurora.



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