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Aemilius Jarvis, Hazelburn Farm, Aurora, Ontario, Picture, 1923. “He [Aemilius Jarvis] also operated a famously successful stud farm – called Hazelburn – in Aurora, Ontario, breeding hunter-jumper horses.” “In 1927, after the death of his [Aemilius Jarvis] first wife, he remarried and moved into the country north of the city, to Aurora, where he named his new property Hazel Burn Farm.” Photo Courtesy of Toronto Public Library Other Sources (Links) Aemilius Jarvis, Wikipedia AEMILIUS JARVIS Passes Aemilius, The Last Viking (Book, Amazon) Landscaping project for A.H. Thomson, Hazelburn Farms, R.R. 2, Aurora, Ontario Hazel Burn Farm History Aemilius Jarvis (fun)